“I Just Wanna be Average.”

This summary is worth 30 points. For this summary, we will focus on Mike Rose’s essay “I Just Wanna be Average.”Your first step will be to reread that text carefully, looking closely for the main points. As you reread, identify these main points by annotating the article. Then, look back at these main points and try to determine what the text’s major idea is (one way to think of this is as a thesis statement). Next, ask yourself whether all of the main points you’ve identified relate back to that major idea. This major idea will be part of your opening sentence in your summary. An effective summary will begin and end with the general gist of the text you are reading, and the body of the summary will consist of the main points you identified throughout the text. The main points identified should both support and relate back to the text’s major idea.For the purposes of this class and assignment, summaries should be typed, include 250 words or fewer, and contain no text language


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