Part 1: BrainologyRead Carol Dweck’s article, Transforming

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Part 1: BrainologyRead Carol Dweck’s article, Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn (Links to an external site.). Then answer the first two questions below. Your answers must be based on the information in the article, and through your answers, you must clearly demonstrate that you read the article.q-1: Can a student with a fixed mindset develop a growth mindset? Explain.Part 2: The Key to Success? GritWatch the video and then answer questions 3 through 5. Your answers must demonstrate that you watched the video and read the article from Part 1 of this quiz.q-2: In her research, Ms. Duckworth seeks to answer the question, “Who is successful here and why?” She studies various groups of people in different contexts and concludes, “In all those very different contexts, one characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success.” But before she reveals that one significant predictor of success, she lists various characteristics that are NOT good predictors of success. What are they? Are you surprised? Why or why not? For full credit, include some key concepts from Carol Dweck’s Brainology article provided in Part 1 of this quiz.q-3: According to Ms. Duckworth, how is grit related to either the fixed mindset or the growth mindset?Your response should include a thorough definition of grit as explained by Ms. Duckworth in the video.q-4: Respond to one (not both) of the following questions (a or b).Do you typically have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, and how does your mindset affect you?Do you have grit? If so give an example of how you have demonstrated grit in your life. If not, identify a situation in which you would like to demonstrate grit and some steps you could take to be grittier.

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