Public health encounter with moral and political issues


DQ 1: A local director of public health will encounter moral and political issues, along with logistical considerations, when faced with the possibility of quarantining or isolating an individual or a group.

Describe a situation when you would employ quarantining of an individual. Describe another situation when you would isolate an individual. For both situations, include any special considerations to provide for the individual’s well-being. Further, include considerations for legal requirements for both situations.


DQ2: You live in a coastal community and a Category 4 hurricane is due to make landfall in two days. A mandatory evacuation will go into effect in 12 hours and residents will be housed at an emergency shelter inland.

Research an access or functional need and put yourself in the position of a person with this need. What difficulties would you encounter in this situation? How could public health staff and emergency responders prepare to assist you?

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