Translate your ER diagram into a relational schema.

You have been tasked with designing a database for the Central Statistical Agency,Census Department to store all of their data, past and future. The database must conform tothese constraints:1. There has been a census every 10 years. The year of each census is unique to that census.There are also some notes as well as the total population of the Ethiopia.2. Each state has a unique name, and a value for its square area. Every state participatesindividually in every census, providing its population.3. Every person has a unique ID. Number, as well as a name and birthday. Each personparticipates in every census by providing their age.4. An address has a unique identifier, as well as a street name, city, state, and zipcode.5. A person lives at only one address.a) Draw an ER diagram for this database. Be sure to mark the multiplicity of each relationship(1-1, 1-many, many-many, etc.) of the diagram. Decide the key attributes and identify themon the diagram by underlining them. State all assumptions you make.b) Translate your ER diagram into a relational schema. Select approaches that yield the fewestnumber of relations; merge relations where appropriate. Specify the key of each relation inyour schema. If the names of your foreign keys do not match the primary key name, pleasestate the link in your assumptions.

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