video surveillance technology

Subject: Physical Security ISOL -634ASSIGNMENT

(Topic-1) – APA STYLEIdentify and research the latest video surveillance technology. For example, you can research “edge-based video surveillance,” the project “imaging system for immersive surveillance,” or another new technology.Find a resource–a scholarly article, security organization article/whitepaper, or web article. Give the article’s APA style reference information.
Summarize the article. Include all major points.

Explain how this surveillance technology could be used. What kind of location, organization, level of needed security, etc., would need kind of surveillance technology? Justify your choice.

Explain the advantages of using this new technology over the older technology options, such as those explained in chapter 20 of the textbook.
Be sure to use APA style in your assignment. Use your best grammar and punctuation. Expected length is 1.5-3 pages. ASSIGNMENT (Topic -2 )Subject: Physical Security ISOL -634DiscussionExplain the advantages of using Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA). What are the potential disadvantages? What would you say to a co-worker or supervisor who complains that LOPA is unnecessary because different organizations/industries already have risk management analysis methods?


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