What are the (P, B) parameters in b/s and bits for each case ?

For a CBR connection, here are some values from an ATM operator:

peak cell rate (cells/s)                           100 1000 10000 100000

CDVT (microseconds)                             2900 1200 400 135


1. What are the (P, B) parameters in b/s and bits for each case ? How does T compare to τ ?

2. If a connection requires a peak cell rate of 1000 cells per second and a cell delay variation of 1400 microseconds, what can be done ?

3. Assume the operator allocates the peak rate to every connection at one buffer. What is the amount of buffer required to assure absence of loss ? Numerical Application for each of the following cases, where a number N of identical connections with peak cell rate P is multiplexed.

case                                                                             1         2        3          4

nb of connnections                                           3000     300      30          3

peak cell rate (c/s)                                               100  1000    10000   100000

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