Cell biology



Cell biology: essay and short answer questions

1. Explain what the stem cell niche is. How does the niche in the hair follicle work?

2. What is the difference between an embryonic and an adult stem cell? Include where these cells come from, differences in potency and reasons to use one lineage or another in therapy. How do induced pluripotent cells come into play?

3. Why would the collagen found in basement membranes have molecular arrangements and structure different from that found in other collagens and what are some of these differences?

4. It was noted that two different autoimmune diseases, one producing antibodies against a component of hemidesmosomes and the other producing antibodies against a component of desmosomes, both cause severe blistering of the skin. Why do you think these two conditions have such similar symptoms?

5. What properties of fibronectin and other similar molecules of the ECM allow them to fulfill their function of integrating the interactions between the ECM and cells




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