Adaptive and Global Leadership

Assess your knowledge based on the following outcome:
GM502-3: Practice global interconnectedness as it applies to your field of study.
In this Assignment, you will focus on Adaptive Leadership from a global perspective. When
approaching this Assignment, do so from an international and global view. When selecting a
contemporary leader, make sure you can find enough information on that leader to help you conduct a
solid analysis and apply critical thinking.
Northouse (2018) explains that Adaptive Leadership Theory focuses on the adaptations required of
people in response to changing environments. Rather than being leader centered, this theory is
centered around the follower. One underlying problem for the leader in using Adaptive Leadership
Theory is that he or she may not be able to assess situational needs effectively when co-workers or
direct reports work virtually or outside the geographic boundaries in which the leader is primarily
located. Draw upon insights from the Unit 5 readings, your work in Unit 4 on virtual team leadership,
and at least three outside references from peer reviewed academic sources. Then, compose a 4–5-
pages (1,200 words) APA 6th edition compliant paper in which you will:
1. Define and describe at least three major problems that a leader encounters when attempting
to assess the demands of a situation in a global context. Specifically describe, what cultural
barriers might a leader encounter when working internationally? You should also include
information on whether theleader worked in a virtual or face-to-face situation.
2. Present best practices cited from peer reviewed academic sources which would resolve the
problems that you identified.
3. Describe any personal examples you may have with a leader, including your role as a leader
who used or attempted to use Adaptive Leadership Theory in a global/international role for
problem resolution. You may also include information on whether the leader worked in a virtual
or face-to-face situation.
4. Research examples of contemporary leaders who work in a global context that may have used
Adaptive Leadership Theory. You should also include information on whether the leader
worked in a virtual or face-to-face situation.
5. Based on what you have discovered this week, what specific actions can you take to implement
this style into your current leadership approach? Be as specific as you can when selecting an
action and include how you will be able to measure the effectiveness of this new approach.
Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

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