Airplane physics

Your group decides that it wants to optimize its plane for speed, meaning that you want to design a plane that has the highest possible velocity. To complete your design, you go through the following steps (make sure to SHOW YOUR WORK):

1. To begin, you decide to focus on the power system of the airplane, because it provides all the energy that creates thrust for your plane. You have the option to choose from the following batteries and motors. If you want to optimize your plane for top speed, which ones do you choose, and why?

Available batteries 2-cells; 650mAh 3-cells; 650mAh

Available motors 2300 kV 2550 kV

Available propellers 5 x 3
6 x 3

page1image66717184 page1image667177602. Given these choices, what is the maximum thrust that your plane can generate when beginning take off? To make your calculation, assume that your motor can only spin at 80% of its maximum when the propeller is mounted to it, and the density of air for San Francisco is 1.22 kg/m .
3. Next, you need to choose an airplane that you will mount your power system to, which will affect your ability to maneuver the plane at high speeds. If you have the following options to choose from, which plane do you choose and why?Available planes

Plane A: mass = 115g; wingspan = 30 cm; wing area = 250 cm2; CL = 0.8; CD = 0.35

Plane B: mass = 200g; wingspan = 95 cm; wing area = 1100 cm2; CL = 0.5; CD = 0.3

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