Community services

1.1 Select True or False in relation to the following statements. a) In the community services context, the term ‘consumers’ refers solely to people who are currently using an organisation’s services. True 0 False 0 b) Consumer engagement provides community services organisations with information to help them develop programs that are likely to meet client needs. True 0 False 0 Developing a consumer engagement plan 1.2 In the Study Guide, you learned about the five steps for developing a consumer engagement plan that were proposed by the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (2010). Briefly outline these five steps in your own words. (Your response should be no more than 100 words) 1.3 Imagine that you are a case manager working in a family support service. Your organisation is hoping to develop a parent education program for parents who are caring for children with disabilities. You have been asked to develop a consumer engagement plan to obtain consumer feedback regarding how the program should be designed to best meet the participants’ needs and achieve organisational goals. List five possible stakeholders that you should involve in developing such a consumer engagement plan. (Your response should be no more than 30 words)

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