-Describe the properties that make aquatic exercise safer and more enjoyable than other forms of exercise.Are there any disadvantages of an aquatic workout?Discuss

question 1
You have been requested to audition with a local gym to demonstrate your abilities as a group exercise instructor. You will be conducting a thirty-minute imaginary class of your choice. Describe any logistical concerns you must prepare for i.e., equipment, music, etc. Additionally, describe the class you will be teaching, and provide details regarding introductions, class safety, warm-up, and additional areas the interviewer will be evaluating you on.

There are ten common fitness personalities which have been identified throughout the years. A proficient group exercise instructor should be able to recognize the different types of students and the specific fitness personalities. You have been instructing a variety of classes for some time and have a number of regular students as well as some new students, with whom you have been able to identify a variety of fitness personalities. For the following three students, indicate their specific fitness personality, what you can do to help them enjoy their workouts more, and what you can do to help them find a fitness approach that can become a lasting and integral part of their life.

Student #1: Kim

Kim is highly competitive, clearly committed to attending class and maintaining a high level of fitness. She is very enthusiastic and is often very vocal during classes – motivating other students around her by offering words of encouragement, and occasional friendly challenges. On more than one occasion, Kim has approached you prior to class and asked if you would increase the intensity and make it more ‘extreme’.

Student #2: Robert

Robert has been attending your battling ropes class on Monday and Thursday mornings. His attendance has been consistent over the past two months, but you have noticed he has not displayed a progressive desire to increase his level of intensity. Robert has approached you on more than one occasion, stating he feels he is not making progress at the same rate as the other students.

Student #3: Donna

Donna is relatively new to your Wednesday evening Boot Camp class. She has been attending for four weeks, and approached you after class, clearly frustrated, stating she feels the class is too hard for her and she is considering quitting because she “just can’t keep up with the other students”.
question 3
You have been asked to create a basic low-impact aerobics class for a local gym. Please describe a complete 7- to 10-minute warm-up routine for your class. Your answer must include the goals of the warm-up, the movements selected, the reasons you selected the movements, and a brief description how to properly perform each movement.
question 4
Maria, a regular attendee of your M-W-F morning muscle conditioning class, gave birth to a healthy baby boy six weeks ago. Over the course of her pregnancy, Maria did not attend class for nearly four months. She is excited to begin working out again but has concerns about starting too early. How would you respond to Maria’s concerns, and what information would you provide about beginning a postpartum fitness program?
question 5

Your gym recently underwent a major renovation, adding a number of new training amenities including an aquatics facility. The General Manager has asked you to design a group aquatics aerobics class and has asked you to provide answers to the following questions as the first step in the process.

-What is the main purpose of water aerobics, and what benefit(s) can it provide to those who participate?

-Who can participate in this type of class, and do students need to seek medical clearance prior to beginning?

-Describe the properties that make aquatic exercise safer and more enjoyable than other forms of exercise.

-Are there any disadvantages of an aquatic workout?

-Is there specific equipment that will need to be purchased, and if so, what purpose does the equipment serve, and what training effect and/or safety aspect does it provide?

question 6
Many of your students have asked you to integrate kettlebells into your boot camp classes. Your employer is considering this request but would like more information about the benefits of kettlebell training and would like you to provide a description of the following kettlebell exercises: kettlebell swing; clean and press; and kettlebell squats. For each exercise description, please provide information about the start of each movement, the action, breathing instruction, variations of the movements, and any common errors students should avoid. Additionally, please provide a sample circuit using the three kettlebell movements along with three additional bodyweight exercises – providing the exercise order, repetitions, and any additional information you feel is needed.

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