how has the conceptualisation of the “good woman” altered from the Victorian period to a 21st-century woman defined by contemporary measures?

The Research Paper explores and needs to answer this research question: ‘how has the conceptualisation of the “good woman” altered from the Victorian period to a 21st-century woman defined by contemporary measures?’ The key areas that this research paper needs to examine to answer this research question are the role of women, motherhood and female autonomy… This research paper must be approximately 3500 words long, and strictly written from the research proposal that is uploaded in the materials section. This 3500 word research paper will answer the research question by looking at the role of women, perception and construct of motherhood and what that entails (duties/attitudes/expectations etc) and the female autonomy, and by doing so, will answer these questions:, how has it changed? has it changed for the better? How important are these changes to modern society? Pertaining to the role of women, motherhood and female autonomy from the victorian period to that of a 21st-century woman. The writer must read and keep in mind my Institution Professor’s feedback on the research proposal that I have also submitted in the materials section for reference. The writer must write the paper with ALL of the primary and secondary sources used in the research proposal’s bibliography. I have annotated the research proposal’s bibliography to convey how each source should be used. In addition, and importantly, the writer is to find more primary and secondary sources in addition to the sources that I have used, not instead of. PLEASE NOTE: there needs to be at least 4 MORE PRIMARY SOURCES for this paper. Just to be clear- the 17 sources (3 primary sources and 14 secondary sources listed in the research proposal MUST BE USED) but the writer needs to find MORE primary and secondary sources, approximately 25-30 sources must be used in total for this paper and there are to be AT LEAST 7 PRIMARY SOURCES overall but more is encouraged. I have also attached some of the sources used in the materials section. It needs to integrate your primary research with judicious use of secondary literature, including scholarly books and journal articles. More sources that cover ‘motherhood’ need to be integrated into this research paper as per the Professors request in her comments. Likewise- to address another comment she made, when I refer to a modern-day/contemporary woman, I am referring to a 21st-century woman, NOT a 20th-century woman. This is a compare and contrast paper, high quality written expression is expected, please.

Reference no: EM132069492


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