Is technology good or bad for human relationships?Discuss

Write an essay responding to the following prompt:
BIG IDEA: Is technology good or bad for human relationships?
READ: Computers, cell phones, ATMs, high speed trains, space shuttles, Internet communication, wireless revolution, fast food, satellite spying, cloning, Genome mapping, NASDAQ trading, DVDs, international space station, plastic surgery, two car garages, New Age, two income household, digital quality, microwavable, retirement benefits, life insurance, bankruptcy, New Wave, credit card fraud, one hundred and fifty channels, online banking and surround sound.
THINK: Many believe that the desire to live a lifestyle complete with the latest technology becomes more important than the people and world around us.
RESPOND: Based on your reading and understanding of Thoreau, defend (support/agree), challenge (oppose/disagree), or qualify (agree or disagree but with exceptions) the above statement.
5 paragraphs using the ACES format
Text evidence (quotes)
MLA format
Also need the graphic organizer filled out as well.
Graphic Organizer:
Para 1: (reading) Thoreau thinks this and I agree/disagree (Re-read “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”)
Para 2: (observation) In the world around us, we see…
Para 3: (experience) In my life, this is true/false because…

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