Mourning in America




In this discussion board, you will be discussing and interpreting a recent political ad entitled “Mourning in
America,” which was produced by The Lincoln Project, a political action committee (PAC). If you are not
familiar with the group, take a moment to research it, as that context will add to your understanding and
interpretation. You can click here to view the ad.
Your task here is to share with your peers your ideas on how three specific rhetorical elements or your
choosing are used in this ad to make its appeal to an audience and to convey a message.
1. Identity the three rhetorical elements that you have selected and then explain how each one contributes to
the ad’s appeal and/or message.
2. Do you think that this is an effective political ad? Why or why not? Explain.
As you watch “Mourning in America”, think carefully about how this political advertisement compares and
contrasts with Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad, in terms of its rhetorical methods as well as its
overall message. You will be asked to comment on three specific rhetorical elements, so decide which ones
stand out most to you and take careful notes on those to prepare for the discussion.
When you are ready, click the link above to enter the Discussion Board, and then follow the instructions in the
first thread posted in this forum for responding to this material.



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