Self-employed insurance

Jason R. and Jenni L. Dane are married and live at 13071 Sterling Drive, Marquette, MI 49866. Jason is a self-employed insurance claims adjuster (business activity code 524290), and Jenni is the dietitian for the local school district. They choose to file a joint tax return each year. 1. Jason represents several national casualty insurance companies on a contract basis. He operates this business on the cash basis. He is paid a retainer and receives additional compensation if the claims he processes for the year exceed a specified number. As an independent contractor, he is responsible for whatever expenses he incurs. Jason works out of an office near his home. The office is located at 1202 Moose Road. He shares Suite 326 with a financial consultant, and operating expenses are divided equally between them. The suite has a common waiting room with a receptionist furnished and paid by the landlord. Jason paid his one-half share of the 2018 expenses as detailed below.

Reference no: EM132069492


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