What’s a PBL? Problem Based Learning, kind of like a case study on steroids.

You are expected to submit a quality, college level paper with appropriate grammar.
Use the databases to find sources that are suitable for use in your paper. Citation of sources is required, and you will need a minimum of 3 citations for the entire paper. Please use APA format and parenthetical citations on every question.
1) Provide a complete, concise answer for each question fully cited
2) Resources for citation must come from the library databases, and you must have a minimum of 3 per paper.
3) Papers are submitted electronically on Blackboard using the SafeAssign link. This software checks your paper for text matching against millions of website, database and scholarly articles. Any paper with a greater than 50% match will be considered plaigarism . Furthermore, only one direct quote is allowed throughout the entire paper!
4) Plaigarism, copying resource are prohibited.
5) Make sure you do not use citations excessively.
6) Focus on the three elements for each question, and less on whether your diagnosis is correct or not following all citation rules and submitting a well constructed, well argued and well written paper. What’s a PBL? Problem Based Learning, kind of like a case study on steroids. You will use available resources to research a patient’s case, then use that information to answer the stated questions in detail. PBL allow you to learn how the normal physiology we discuss in class is related to disease and pathophysiology. In other words: in order to be a great health care provider, you need to fundamentally understand what happens to the body when things go wrong. And to understand that, you have to fundamentally understand what happens to the body when things are normal!
What are the resources? First, use the free internet to research the signs, symptoms and test results. spend your first week doing this. You’ll start to see the same diseases showing up. But the end of week 1 have a list of possible diseases. Spend week 2 researching these diseases by, again, using the free internet. By the middle of week 2 you should have narrowed your list down to one disease that makes sense. Now, use the library databases (peer reviewed scholarly articles) to research that one disease, and the answers to the questions. You need to find sources in these databases that you can cite. You can also visit the Library and ask the Librarians for assistance in researching these database responses to the stated questions. No need for a complete essay, but answer each question separately. You do need to use complete arguments with substantiating information and cite each question with an appropriate resource. have enough supporting information.
Focus on detailed and directed answers!
Your papers will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign; so be extra careful!

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