Create a CSS-formatted table with a header, rows, columns, and cells, and populate it with content.

Complete the following:
Amend the content section of each of the following pages using CSS as described below:
About Us: Create a CSS-formatted table with a header, rows, columns, and cells, and populate it with content.
Services: Add at least two dynamic-width columns.
Contact Us: Create multiple rows.
Homepage: Create both rows and columns.
Use CSS to format how elements in the HTML document (such as the header, navigation, and footer) are rendered in the Web browser. Make sure they are formatted and aligned professionally.
Make sure you do the following:
Create a table that properly displays data.
Submit code that is error free, well documented, and appropriately constructed.
Use CSS to define how HTML elements are displayed on a Web page per specifications.
Create custom layouts for individual page content areas.
Write developer comments to describe and explain code.
Once completed, view your pages in your selected Web browsers to see if the content renders appropriately and consistently within each. Next, ensure that your HTML code is HTML5 compliant and your CSS code is valid. You may use the Markup Validation Service for testing the former and CSS Validation Service for testing the latter, both from W3C, linked in the Resources under the Suggested Resources heading.‹ Important: Take a screen capture of your validation results and save it for submission.
Note: Errors from the validation should be fixed. However, warnings do not need to be fixed but should be reviewed. Fix the issues from the top down as one error can cascade into 20 other errors.
Additional Requirements
Submit your work in the courseroom using a single zip file containing the following:
All page files.
image_and_url.doc. Include a Word document with:
The URLs for each of your pages.
The names of the browsers you used to view the pages.
Pasted image from your validation screen capture.
Any ancillary files such as graphic or photos you may have decided to include.
Upload your Web site files to your Web host.

Reference no: EM132069492


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