Importance of Education

Education is one of the basic needs of modern society. Unlike in the past, many people today recognize the benefits of acquiring education; therefore, classifying it as an essential commodity. Some of the benefits of education include; improve equality, helping people be self-dependent, improving self-confidence, and boosting economic growth. The paper discusses the importance of education by focusing on how it impacts oneself and the society.

First, education helps achieve equality in society. All genders are given equal opportunity to acquire education in many societies; therefore, giving them equal chances to secure jobs in the market. Education contributes to empowering women, especially in a society that is dominated by men (Lynch & Crean, 2018).  Education helps to achieve equality by closing social-economic gaps: it creates opportunities for the poor to secure high paying jobs in the market.

Also, education allows a person to be independent in making choices, for example, financial decisions. Acquiring education equips an individual with the knowledge on how to invest. Besides, education helps a person secure a job; therefore, being financially independent. Education also helps people in solving daily problems, for example, discovering drugs to treat new infections.

Further, education promotes the economic growth of a country. Education promotes two things in the labor market creativity and innovativeness. Countries with high literacy levels are more innovative and creative, which increases the production of goods and services. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), countries with high literacy levels allocate more funds in science and research, resulting in surplus production and more job opportunities (Naseer, 2017.

Lastly, education improves self-confidence since a person can communicate efficiently. Education helps individual acquires skills they can apply in public speaking and capture audience attention. Martin Luther King Jr’s argument states that the “function of education is to teach one to think critically and intensively” (Borràs, 2017). Education helps a person understand which words to use when addressing a different audience.

Conclusively, education is an essential commodity that every society should make it basic. Education improves self-confidence by offering communication skills when addressing a different audience. In addition, education boosts economic growth by cultivating creativity and innovativeness. Besides, education promotes self-independence by helping a person secure a job and offering knowledge essential in making daily decisions such as investment. Further, education helps achieve equality by empowering individuals that are marginalized. Every person should promote education in their position to make the world a better place for everyone!



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