Mitigate security threats

Fog computing is becoming a promising computing paradigm that extends cloud computing
functionalities. Discuss some key privacy and security issues that arise in fog computing and why
these issues need to be addressed.
1) Ransomware attacks are one of the key cybercrimes that affect businesses. Examine the
various types of businesses that are targeted by cybercriminals for ransomware attacks and
how can businesses protect themselves from these type of attacks.
2) You develop IOT system for a client. During one of your meeting you highlight the
importance of having updated firewall, encryption and filtering technologies to help detect and
mitigate security threats. Your client is trying to persuade you not to worry too much about
the security aspects and proceed with only basic security features. As a professional
what would be your action? Will you proceed with less secure IOT system OR tell your
client that you cannot proceed with the project with less security features. Use proper
reasoning to justify your answer.
3) Internet of Things (IOT) enabled devices usage has significantly increased in Australia over the
past few years. A key risk with IOT enabled device is that it can be hacked and personal information
can be stolen. Smart Parking is one example of IOT technology that have been used by city
councils to manage parking issues. Discuss two key security issues in relation to using a Smart
Parking App/System. Provide a detailed explanation of the issue and how consumers can
safeguard themselves from these vulnerabilities.
4) Wearable technologies have gained prominence in healthcare service sector over the past
decade. Discuss in detail the type of patient data that are captured by wearable devices used in
healthcare services (example aged care facilities, hospitals) and using suitable examples from
your research explain what tools and techniques are available to effectively use this data to
improve patient safety and service quality in aged care facilities/hospitals.

Reference no: EM132069492


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