Statistics in Math and Everyday Life

Statistics is defined as the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities.
Even though associated with math, we use statistics in many ways. It is considered a vital tool in the
community and our everyday lives. Data that is collect through the process of statistics can help improve
communities, develop infrastructure, and improve healthcare. This can lead to many individuals living a more
productive lifestyle.
Community Issues
A. Community
1. Community involvement
2. Race demographics
B. Infrastructure
1. Business development
2. Tourist attractions
Health Involvement
A. Healthcare issues
1. Adequate healthcare
2. Government assistant
B. Census
1. Government funding
2. Local, state, and national representation
Word Problem
A. Express the way many countries are trying to use data and different trial vaccines to control or prevent
Covid 19.
A. As people, we all require social interaction and support in order to thrive. Statistics can help narrow down
certain answers and find different solutions. The process also effects funding, infrastructure, and healthcare.
Even on a personal level, stastics can help an individual make better decisions concerning daily situations



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