The lack of economic opportunity and unemployment


The global issue that I chose it is the lack of economic opportunity and unemployment
– The Requirements
Students will submit an annotated bibliography with a minimum of THREE relevant scholarly sources that help
them understand their chosen global issue. Relevant scholarly sources include reports from reputable think
tanks, government research centers, and international organizations; and peer-reviewed articles. In addition,
you will submit a minimum of TWO additional sources which can be newspaper articles or web pages devoted
to your issue. If you have any questions about your individual sources, let me know; furthermore, feel free but
not obligated to include more sources than the minimum requirement.
Each source should be cited in the proper format. Citations should include the following information:
• Author/authors (last name, first initial)
• Publication date/year
• Title of source (ex. article title and source name)
• Volume/issue number
• Page numbers


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