Topic: Currency Crises Throughout History


This class is a writing-intensive course on financial market manias and panics; it is designed to complement the typical focus on purely macroeconomic shocks and policy in intermediate theory courses to give a more complete picture of the links between the macroeconomy and financial markets. Students are expected to read extensively outside of class and be prepared for lectures. We shall commence by critically analysing the utility of the existing macroeconomic theories and basic financial theories for explaining the existence of financial manias and crashes. This critical analysis will be complemented by studying the mentality of a successful speculator (Jesse Livermore) to determine how accurately the standard theories explain his actions. The course will then proceed to investigate numerous historical manias with a particular emphasis on the South Seas Bubble of 1720, the Panic of 1907 and the 1920s-30s. The factors causing the present depression will be thoroughly investigated in context of these historical incidents.

This paper must focus mainly on case studies of currency crises, but should also give examples, lessons learned, causes, and solutions to these crises.

Case study’s are the most important aspect here.

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