Topic: Sustainable Consumption Decisions: A study of consumer Cognition and behaviour towards sustainable products.


AIM OF PROJECT: “ The aim of this research is to understand the perception and behaviour of consumers towards sustainable products when making consumption decisions“

SDG):The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set out a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals. Today, progress is being made in many places, but, overall, action to meet the Goals is not yet advancing at the speed or scale required, and the Covid-19 Pandemic has further slowed down the pace. 2020 needs to usher in a decade of ambitious action to deliver the Goals by 2030. Students are invited to facilitate the attainment of this agenda by applying the skills and knowledge accumulated throughout their study to provide meaningful contribution through academic research.Assessment (1):
Individual Project Proposal
A research proposal on your chosen topic within the selected themes defining
the followings:
The working topic i.e. area of research.
The research significance (relate to the challenge that you are addressing)
Specific questions to answer.
Current knowledge, including substantive findings on the topic.
The concepts/theory that will be used to investigate the topic
The methodology that will be used.
The research / project timeline.Assessment (2):
Individual Project Report
A project report (based on the topic defined in your research proposal i.e.
assessment 1), containing the followings:
Research topic (up to 20 words)
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Results / Findings
Chapter 5: Discussion
Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendation

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Type of assignment-Dissertation
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Academic level-Bachelor’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Single
Language style-UK English

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