Write verbatim account of a recent (within a month of writing the verbatim) pastoral care or caring
conversation. This is a word for word written account of a conversation. This verbatim is not a
transcript of a recorded conversation – do not record the conversation. This conversation can be
with a person in a ministry or counseling setting, a classmate or friend/acquaintance who agrees to
assist with this assignment. Do not interview a family member. It is not necessary that the
conversation be of great depth or deal with “heavy” issues. It is important, however, that the
conversation permits you to demonstrate good listening skills and pastoral care. This assignment must be
submitted on Moodle on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Grading for this verbatim will not be based on your ability
to resolve the person’s problem or concern.
Specifically, use the outline provided in Carrie Doehring’s book, The Practice of Pastoral Care, p. 37-39 as an
outline/example of how you should do your verbatim. You should include the following in your paper:
A. Background/Context- one paragraph (date of visit, length of visit, location, reason for visit)
B. Verbatim- example on page 37-39
C. Answer the following questions:
1. What themes do you hear in the conversation?
2. What theological questions are you and/or the care-seeker asking in the conversation?
3. What made you feel comfortable during the conversation? What made you feel uneasy about the

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