Provide methods to raise faculty and chair’s salary.

Implement (write code) a set of classes for a school.

  • For all employees, name, address, employee ID (a unique integer between 1000 to 99999) needs to be recorded.
  • Provide a method to return the total number of employees by using static member variables and method.
  • The following table shows details of each kind of employee.
Faculty Chair Adjunct


Fixed monthly salary Fixed monthly salary + bonus

Need to provide a method for setting bonus every month

The number of courses * rate for teaching one course

Provide a method for setting rate for teaching one course.

Provide a method for setting the number of coures.

Salary raise 5% 5% Not applicable

Each kind of employee class needs to provide a method to calculate and return monthly payment amount.

Provide methods to raise faculty and chair’s salary.

Then, design a class which can maintain all employees. This class needs to use an array (size 9000) to store all three kind of employees.

  • a method, pay, to pay every employee by calculating current month salary;

Note: use object-oriented design properly.

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