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For the class project, the student will access a case study regarding the disaster that occurred at the facilities of the BP Deep Water Horizon.  The student will read the following sections of the case study, and assess these sections as stated below. You are more than welcome to read the recommendation, but that is not a part of the class project. Although the focus of the article looks at the organizations use of social media, the case goes deeper than that. Social media was certainly a part of this, but there were other areas as well. Read the following sections of the case study.

Analysis of Situation/Background
Analysis of the Organization
Analysis of Key Publics
Goals and Objectives
Strategies & Tactics
Communication tactics
Financial Strategies
Budget & Schedule
Critical Analysis Evaluation

Upon reading and assessing the case study, thoroughly answer each of the following questions.

1. What did BP do or not do that created this problem? Once the problem occurred, what was the organizations response?

2. How did this impact the communities and the reputation of the organization? Provide examples from the case.

3. As stated in the case, BP set up Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts communicating its clean-up efforts and keeping the public updated on the welfare of the wildlife. They also communicated their concern about how this disaster had economically impacted those in this area. Furthermore, they set up large funds, initiatives, and even made large sums of donations. What was the organizations intent of these efforts?

4. Regarding communications, consider the statements the CEO Tony Hayward made during this crisis. As CEO, what would have been your statements as opposed to his?

5. Consider the Evaluation section of this case. At the time the case was written, what had BP done to address the issue? What does this say about its concern for its employees, communities, and environment?

6. Consider yourself in the CEO position after the crisis. As the CEO, what actions would you take going forward?

Reference no: EM132069492


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