Instructions: Please view the video titled ” Latin America Outlook for 2020 (Pre-Covid19)” in this module. Next look at the scenario below and write a 500 minimum word essay formated analysis.

You are interested in opening 5 apparel retail stores in Latin America. After having watched the conference call video on Latin America markets and having looked at information reports in this module you are ready to make a decision.

Step 1: Choose a country in Latin America to place your 5 apparel retail stores

Step 2: Analyze and describe 10 (no more no less) economic indicators that you need to make your decision. You can use the information on the conference call, the information in this module and or information from outside sources.

Please be sure that you format this assignment in a report essay format. Please do not list, or use bullet points. This should be a well written description and analysis of each economic indicator . Please be specific on WHY this is an important indicator to your decision process.

Reference no: EM132069492


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