Criminal Justice;The Police




Background Information
The hiring process is often a person’s first exposure to the expectations their future employer has of them.
There is more to it than just filling out forms, and hiring managers have to find ways to learn about applicants
so they can decide who to hire. Consider and respond to the listed questions with what you know about the
process today.
1. Read Chapter 2 in the textbook, Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices.
Use the link below to access the chapter
2. View the attached media 2.2 Resource: The Police.
3. Watch the attached simulation: Policing: Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Socializing Officers.
4. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following discussion questions. If it’s relevant,
include your own personal experience:
a. In your opinion, what makes a good or bad police officer? How might these definitions relate to the culture of
the agency?
b. What are some possible flaws in the hiring process described in what you’ve read and seen in this workshop
and in what you have learned in your local area?
c. How do you think new recruits are indoctrinated into the subculture of the agency?
d. Is the police subculture impacted by the area and its inhabitants? Why or why not?




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