Ethics Essay

Ethical Case Study on the Construction of a Rocket Launch Facility in Alaska:

Ethical Discussion questions:

1.    What are the ethical issues involved with this case? Why are they issues and in your opinion which party is at fault for each issue?
2.    How could the ethical issues been avoided in the building of the facility?
3.    Explain the use of the Eichleay formula and is it being applied ethically?
4.    Do any of the parties have an ethical claim based on the Spearin Doctrine? Who does/does not and why or why not?
5.    Which of the parties acted unethically in the execution of this contract and why are they at fault?


    3 (THREE) page paper PLUS a 1 page cover sheet PLUS (if needed, but not required) a works-cited page. 3-5 pages total
    12 Font
    Normal Margins
    1 1/2 space

Reference no: EM132069492


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