Innovation Theories/Models and Entrepreneurship

Covid-19, as a disruptive event, has negatively affected the performance of many existing organizations of different industries. However, it has a positive effect on the performance of some organizations operate in some industries.

For start ups, this event is considered to be an opportunity.

Taking into consideration the financial limitations of starting up a new business, using only 2500 words, critically and creatively discuss the nature of business opportunities, resources, and industries that are arisen by this event.

Students are expected to achieve at least two of the following outcomes:

      Assess critically and creatively the nature of business opportunities, resources, and industries

      Evaluate the potential of new business opportunities

      Appraise, plan and identify sources of financing for an entrepreneurial business ventures and start-ups 

      Discuss the case for business opportunities

      Argue the case for the development of a business model

Assess and apply practical and legal requirements for setting up and running a business
Demonstrate initiative and creativity in addressing problems to identify business opportunity

Reference no: EM132069492


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