Jerzy Grotowski


Theorist Presentation about Jerzy Grotowski.
The target audience for your presentation is a group of actors about to embark on performance work requiring them to understand how to construct performances or plays using a particular technique of performance.
Each group is responsible for researching and presenting one model for developing stage as defined by the theorist that is chosen. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Foundational Focus:
Purpose: artistic and socio-political (if applicable);
Cultural influence and/or historic background; and
Language and terminology necessary to understand the techniques or methodologies.
Audio and visual images to support work i.e. influences; and 
Examples of works:  plays, video excerpts, audio excerpts.
Skills required of the actor. Be specific and distinguish from other acting techniques or methodologies;
What training is necessary to create performance work as defined by the theorist you have researched? Be specific and distinguish from other techniques or methodologies;
What process is defined or emphasized in rehearsals and how would an actor prepare for this?
present a minimal of  two exercises that would be of benefit to actors developing a familiarity with the techniques and/or methodologies that you are presenting
exercises must be clearly and carefully set up in they are to be successful

Additional Notes:
Each group is responsible for preparing a one page handout outlining key points of their presentation as indicated in Required Elements. This should be sent to me a day before the presentation and I will send a group email to the rest of the class with that information.
The presentation is to be 40-45 minutes long. Allow approximately five minutes at the end of the presentation for your colleagues to ask questions about the topic you have presented and the presentation itself.  Presentations shorter than the minimal time requirement will be penalized.
Know the material well enough to talk about it.  You may read quotes or refer to cue cards but do not simply read notes.  Immerse your colleagues in the world of the theorist as much as possible.
Presenters are required to email me their notes in the state that they were used and a bibliography of research sources used in the presentation. Notes and bibliographies will be submitted individually.
There must be evidence of a solid range of research sources beyond the chapter in the Hodge book and evidence of primary sources. Minimal of five sources Wikipedia is not considered a research source.
FYI: Any student who fails to participate adequately in both preparation and presentation of the group project will be required to write an essay on the theorist featured in the presentation. Peer evaluation and visible evidence of participation will serve as the determining factor for this requirement. An outline and deadline will be provided if an essay is assigned.

Reference no: EM132069492


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