Position Paper Description

Description of Position paper
Minimum – 500 words

What is a position paper?

In a position paper, you must select a controversial topic one that has multiple sides or reasonable options. A position paper is an argument in favor of a perspective as well as an argument again the other or alternative view.
What is a position paper not?

A position paper is NOT a straight research paper in which you merely provide all the facts you can find on a topic.
A position paper is NOT solely a recital of your personal opinion.
In a position paper you must support your take on the topic AND refute, with resources, the other positions.
A position paper is an argument in favor of a perspective as well as an argument again the other or alternative side of the issue. You are trying to persuade the reader of the “rightness” of your position as well as the “wrongness” of the alternative or opposite position.
What are the segments of a position paper?

You must choose a side or position on a controversial topic.
You then briefly describe the topic and the position you have taken. The position should be one clear, definitive sentence – not a question and not a paragraph.
You must then defend your position using external resources.
You must next argue why the other or alternative position(s) are incorrect and support this section with external resources.
You need draw conclusions.
You must provide a complete bibliography
Are outside resources required?

Yes, you must find evidence that supports your position, use these are part of your argument and cite these in an acceptable bibliographical format.
You must ALSO find evidence that supports your rebuttal of opposing views, use that evidence in your rebuttal and include these references in your bibliography.
Include 8 scholarly sources in the bibliography.

What are examples of possible topics?

Possible marketing strategies for a product or service with a focus on the role of consumer behavior
The impact of advertising on children (negative or positive – depending upon your position)
The impact of technology on consumer purchasing
The impact of changing demographics on the strategy for marketing to Hispanic Americans?

Reference no: EM132069492


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