Sleeping Research

Thesis is Sleep deprivation is harmful to high school students because it affects their learning.

Synopsis is Most middle school students sleep around 7 hours a night and as they move up to high school they get more work and that number decreases. Youth are recommended 8-10 hours of sleep per night, but with the amount of extra curriculars they have its hard to do so especially because they need to be in school by 7am.

Please see the instructions below


The introduction should be at least two paragraphs.
The first paragraph is a general overview of your topic. Defining sleep and the need for sleep are excellent ideas to present in your first paragraph. Mentioning some of the problems of sleeping is good if it ties in to your paper. The first paragraph is very free and allows you to broadly introduce the topic.

The second paragraph is focused. Basically, your thesis statement is your second paragraph. Short, direct, and let’s me know exactly what I am about to read.

Your main portion of the research paper will be multiple paragraphs. A paragraph is simply a complete thought. An explanation of sleep walking is one paragraph. Research relating to why people sleep walk is another. Ideas and practices to limiit sleep walking would be a third paragrah.

When writing the body, you should be using information you learned from the websites. You must reference the site after you have used their work in your paper. This is a research paper and will not have your feelings or thoughts in the body. Therefore, every time you reference information from a site, you should cite it. To cite the website, take a prominent name of the author of the website, or the name from the website)

ex.  Generals Lee and Hill rode together up the hills west of Gettysburg on the morning of July 1, 1863 (Gallagher). The decision to increase the Confederate presence across the whole front was the decision made by Robert E. Lee and the actions that occurred can be attributed to him (U.S News). The staunch defense of the Union’s 1st and 11th Corps eventually allowed the Union army to develop a strong defensive position that helped determine the outcome of the battle two days later (Burke)

The conclusion of your paper will have two things. It will have a quick summary of the work you just presented and then a prescription for what a person should do to have the best success in their sleep.

Reference no: EM132069492


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