The comparison and contrast of two public parks, one disabilities and one not.

For this discussion forum, post your topic for the comparison and contrast essay. Explain how you will address the topic, the basic points, and possible intro and conclusions. I will give you feedback on your information and approve your topic before you begin to write your rough draft. For this essay, list the points you will talk about and explore for each place. Full credit will not be given if all parts are not included.

After you decide on the two places you will compare, determine who your specific audience will be and what your purpose for writing for this audience will be. For example, if I was comparing two movie theaters for my paper, the audience that I choose might be the infrequent moviegoers who want the best experience for their money, and the purpose would be to show which movie theater offers the best experience at the best price. An alternate audience might be the single moviegoer who likes the theater experience and does not mind paying for that. The purpose will be to show for this audience which theater offers the best experience, even if the price is a bit higher.

Be sure to answer the following questions:

Places of Comparison 1. ________________________________________ and 2. _______________________________________

Who is the audience? Remember to narrow this so that you are addressing a specific group of people, not just a general group.

What is your purpose in writing this comparison paper? What do you hope the audience will get from this exploration?

Who will the specific audience be, and what is their reason for reading? Their reason for reading may be different from your purpose in writing, but it will be closely related.

What is the question you are trying to answer for your audience? For example, “Which movie theater offers the best experience at the best price for a family night out?” If you put this in question form, the answer will turn into your working thesis statement: “The AMC 12 on Firetower may be more expensive, but the experience will be better for the whole family.”

This essay will be organized in a point by point pattern. Outline the points you will make in your essay, using the outline attached to the end of the handout for this section, and outline each point you will make for both places. There should be at least 4 points of comparison for your essay (which will produce 4 body paragraphs). For example, if we use the movie theater example, then the outline for the first point of comparison would look like this:

First Point of Comparison: Comfort

Place A: Greenville Grande

1. Standard folding seats

2. No room to put drinks or snacks

3. Foot and legroom is minimal

Place B: AMC 12

1. Reclining, padded chairs

2. Cup holders on both sides

3. Plenty of foot and legroom

4. Has enough room to put children on laps and still be comfortable

After finishing with the outline need the final essay.

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