Topic: Risk management in justice environment

Description of Research Paper: The student is to choose a job role in a justice environment that is particularly volatile. The student is to assess and address all the assessment criteria from the perspective of the justice worker, the potential for risk and how this group of professionals would manage their workplace stress levels.

This research paper has three (3) sections and these are: 1. Risk assessment 2. Safe work practices 3. Self-care

Section 1: Risk Assessment

Identify risks faced by the justice worker, the job role selected, including workplace trauma and violence Areas to consider but not limited to:

• Assessing risk every day

• Physical violence • Verbal abuse

• Stalking

• Threats

• Mental health

• Impact of trauma and violence

Section 2: Safe work practices

Identify a minimum of three (3) safe work practices and strategies for managing potential workplace violence or threats in this case. Areas to consider but not limited to:

• Professional dress

• Professional conduct

• Code of conduct

• Follow protocols

• Don’t get personally involved – remain impartial

Section 3: Self-care

Describe at least three (3) self-care strategies that could be adopted in this justice environment to minimise harm both mentally and physically. Areas to consider but not limited to:

 • Ensure physical and emotional well-being are in check and maintained.

• Debrief on all cases particularly volatile ones.

Section 4: Self-care

Discuss the advantages of debriefing and in addition the Importance this plays in the role of self-care Areas to consider but not limited to:

• Follow debrief reporting protocols

• Debriefing with team, mentor or support service

• Feedback from clients and stakeholders Follow org

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