Topics in Nutrition

The USDA revamped nutritional guidelines in 2011 for Americans and is now called “my plate.”  It replaced the old food pyramid which was an icon for 20 years. Is it any better?  Do you think it made an impact and helped Americans better understand how to build healthy meals? Should it be changed again? 

Here’s a short video about the replacement of the old food pyramid on CBS:

Here is a short article about the replacement on Harvard’s website:

You can also do your own google search for other articles.  I would also suggest you visit the new USDA website to see the my plate in action.

please address the following:

Which of the icons do you prefer?  Explain why.
Do you think the My Plate change helped Americans to better build healthy meals? What evidence do you have for your choice?
If you could rework the guidelines and icon for Americans, what would you design and why? (Give an example)
How would you reach groups in our country that are typically underserved and in socio-economic groups that might not have the money to buy fresh, healthy foods?

please refer to articles/video in response

Reference no: EM132069492


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