womens roles in society

This week provides a “grab bag” of social institutions where women have traditionally encountered strictly-defined roles: the family, media, arts, education, religion, even language. Refer to at least three learning resources assigned for this week in your response to this topic:

FIRST, in a paragraph or two, discuss what connects the expectations of women in all of the learning resources this week. Are there any common threads despite the differences in the various resources and the institutions they present?


Discuss what needs to change to see equality in one or more of the institutions presented in this week’s learning resources. How will we know if it has been achieved? In addition to referring to the learning resources, include specific examples from history, the news, the media, or your own life. Remember to consider intersectional identity in your response.

Use APA parenthetical citations in your text and include a reference list at the end of your post. When you refer to and/or discuss any resources, you need to include a citation for that source, such as: (Braincraft, 2015).  For more information on APA style, go to: https://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/apa_examples.cfm

Learning resources:

Marriage Protest of Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell

The New Sexism

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago at The Brooklyn Museum

Reference no: EM132069492


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