Work place legalities

Include a link of your news article along with the name of the news website, title of article, author, and date article was published. If you do not include a copy of your article with the required information on it, your assignment will not be accepted. Summary of article: Using your own words summarize the key points (address the five Ws: what, where, when, who and why) of the article so that the reader has a clear understanding as to the scope of the article. Do not just copy word for word from your article, this is plagiarism! What Law & Ethic topic does this article reference? The article that you have chosen should correspond with a topic that we are currently covering. Clearly state how your article is related to the topic. How does this article affect you personally? All events affect us in some way. Be creative and open your thoughts to how current events are related to you (e.g. socially, ethically, emotionally, economically, etc.) How will this current news affect future generations? Make a prediction about how lives will be affected 20 – 30 years from now by this current event.

Articles should be chosen from reputable sites and articles should not be published earlier than the year 2017.

Reference no: EM132069492


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