A response paper



Make a response to the statement below whether you agree or disagree with your point of view. (150words)
The presidential campaign failure with Jospin illustrates that one must remain cautious of blindly supporting a
campaign program that they oppose. Seguela mentions that Jospin’s campaign appealed to the idea to see
eye-to-eye with a candidate and their campaign program. In Seguela’s words, “[i]t is impossible for an
advertiser… not to feel some sort of attraction, emotion, power, mutual admiration and understanding”
(Christophe Haag et al., 2011, p. 170). Seguela distinctly addresses the dedication of ‘spin doctors’ to their
clients. In a metaphoric sense, one can argue that a successful spin doctor must be able to guide their client to
become their own spin doctor. The similar idea of the student becoming the master requires several mutual
obligations between the student/client and the master/spin doctor, such as wanting to succeed. In the world of
politics and scandal, various factors can dictate a voter’s final decision. For instance, about a month before the
October 2019 Canadian federal election, the blackface scandal regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
threatened his reelection. Without wasting time, Trudeau’s spin doctor (at the time Kate Purchase) initiated the
candidate’s public apology and victimization, which in fact assisted in the reelection of a minority government.




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