behavioral psychology

I was bullied in school. No teachers said anything against it to my bullies while observing it. It was 15 years ago but nothing changed in society since that time.
During my college years I realized that bullying is everywhere, not only in elementary, middle or high school. It is literally everywhere. My degree in human resources helped me realize that I want to help other people not be bullied. I want to help not only students in schools but students in colleges stop bullying. I am thinking about making a research why workplace must operate smoothly and efficiently in order to foster success. In businesses where employees are happy and healthy, quality of life is a priority and the organizational infrastructure is strong. Conflicts, when they arise, receive swift and effective resolution. That is why I want to be a behavioral board-certified analyst, so I can help apply human behavior to the workplace.

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I need to have a passionate essay which can vividly paint a picture of a kid troubled by bullyiing.
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