Concept to undertake your explanation:
Explain why the measurements of the temperature of permafrost at their deepest, their middle, and their surface provide an unambiguous [sign] that the climate is heating

In Elizabeth Kolbert’s first chapter in Field Notes from a Catastrophe, (see attached an extract)  she introduces a significant feedback loops and natural phenomena that it is worth our while to be able to explain in our own words.
I’ll ask you to demonstrate your ability to absorb Kolbert’s explanation on the scientific phenomenon, and then to explain it in your own words.
This is not an exercise in summary or paraphrase. This is actually an exercise in comprehension, assimilation, and expertise. (Think of the saying in surgery residencies: See one, do one, teach one. Surgical students watch an operation, perform the operation, then  – to thoroughly consolidate their own knowledge! – they instruct another surgical resident in the procedure.)
I want you to imagine that you are a teacher. You will see how Kolbert has explained the phenomenon , then you will attempt to explain it to yourself, and then you will write your perfected “teachable” explanation – as if you were helping your favorite sibling, cousin, or friend to understand.
Explain the concepts in your own words. (Please do not use or paraphrase large portions of Kolberts or anyone elses – text. This assignment looks at your ability to absorb an idea or concept and to explain it according to your best understanding.)

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