eyewitness testimony

Review two empirical articles (from scholarly journals) that examine eye-witness memory. Both articles should be on the SAME TOPIC. These need to be research articles from scholarly journals.  They should not be case or theory reviews.  Use Psych Info or some other scholarly search engine. You will probably need to check out several papers to find 2 you like & can understand. Give yourself time to search for appropriate articles. If in doubt, talk to me or a librarian.  These can be studies discussed in book / lecture, but you will need to get/read the original articles to complete the paper.

This should be a well written structured paper, do not just number the questions and answer them in a few sentences.  Take the time and space to thoughtfully explain your responses. 
Your paper should probably be 3-4 pages (1.5 spaced) and should include the following information:

1) Review the general topic (theory) and the specific research questions of the papers.
2) For each paper (separately) describe the study and the pattern of results.  NOTE:  if there are multiple studies reported, pick the one you think is most important and focus on that one, but briefly mention the others).
3) Discuss the conclusions drawn from the study and discuss how it could be applied to the area of Psych and Law.  Talk about similarities or differences in the methods or results of the 2 studies, and what these might tell us.
4) Provide references to the articles (also provide a copy of the FIRST PAGES of the articles)

Reference no: EM132069492


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