Final Project: Social Justice and Community Involvement

Read Final Project: Social Justice and Community Involvement.

Write a brief overview of your project and address the following:

Issue – describe the issue you are addressing and the population impacted.
Project option – state the project option you chose.
Next steps – share your how you will move forward with this project–what’s your next step?

Next work on the project

The final project for this class will be an applied project that requires research and demonstration of effective virtual communication skills. This Final is worth 100 points (75 points for the project and 25 points for related Reflection #5).
You may work independently or in pairs. Students who choose to work in pairs must inform the professor of their pairing by Nov. 1, 2020. It is strongly recommended that students discuss their plans for splitting the workload in advance as both members will receive the same final grade.
Directions: Choose a social justice issue that is not well-known. The issue should be current and have a disproportionate impact a specific marginalized population. You will use online tools to inform a larger audience, unfamiliar with the issue and population, about the issue. The interactive component will include collecting feedback from the public, a focus group, or experts (depending on the project option you choose) on ways to help solve the issue.
Choose one of the final project options (due on Dec. 2, 11:59 p.m.):
Public Service Announcement (PSA) with Crowdsourcing Element: Create a 30 second to 1 minute video about the issue and people impacted. Include with a call to “action” at the end of the video. This “action” should include a way for viewers to share or submit creative solutions (read the article on ethical crowdsourcing). Collect these suggestions via a poll, # on social media, responses on Youtube, etc.
Research Presentation (slides and audio): Interactive Zoom webinar (8-10 PPT slides and one poll) presentation(30-45 min.) with at least three active participants in attendance. The slides should be informative, not text-heavy, and they should provide a clear description and overview of the issue and people impacted. The poll should be one of multiple interactive components in the webinar. The recording should be uploaded to Youtube or to a cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox,…) and the link shared with the professor.
Zoom Interviews (video of both student and interviewees): The goal of the interviews is to gain a better understanding of the scope of the issue, what is being done to solve the issue, and what could be done to get the public involved.
You will interview three people (via Zoom) who are experts in the area of social justice you are focused on. Interviewees will be introduced with a 1-2 min. bio about their role, expertise. Interviewers will draft 4-6 open-ended questions provided to the instructor and interviewee prior to the interviews. Each interview should be 6-10 min. The recordings should be uploaded to Youtube or to a cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox,…) and the link shared with the professor.
A reflection on the project will be required as outlined in Reflection #5 (due on Dec. 3, 11:59 p.m.).

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