Identify and Describe how technology changed the marketing landscape?

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Assignment Question: (Taken from the Text Chapter 1) 

Identify and Describe how technology changed the marketing landscape?


Using the attached template and based on your reading, please address the assignment question. Your response should have 3 to 5 properly constructed paragraphs with 3 to 5 properly constructed sentences per paragraph. Im looking for at least six areas where technology can affect a companys strategic goals.

Remember spelling and grammar count as much as adequately addressing the question!

Upon completion, please name your assignment Yourname Unit 1 Assignment and submit to the Unit 1 Assignment dropbox.

Grading Rubric:

To receive full credit you must satisfy the following criteria:

1)  Content:

Number of “Technology-based” items addressed in the context of the question taken from the text (at least 6 items)
You may augment your text material with Internet sources, however make sure you use the proper APA reference
2)  Mechanics:

Number of paragraphs (3 to 5)
Number of sentences (3 to 5)
Spelling (no errors)
Grammar (no grammatical errors)
Minimum requirements:
Cover Page
Body w/in-text citations
Reference page (APA)
Body = 400 words double spaced
Font=Times New Roman
Size = 12
Margins = 1″

Reference no: EM132069492


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