Kathe Kollwitz “Woman with Dead Child”

complete description of your primary object of analysis: i.e. Artist (if known), title, year, medium (materials used to create the work), current location.
Thesis Statement/Main Claim: What is your overall argument that addresses causality
Roadmap sentence: A sentences that address how you are going to go about supporting your thesis/main claim that details the organizational framework of your overall paper.

Part 1:  Formal Analysis (no secondary sources)
Address all formal elements as applicable to your primary object of analysis such as color, shape, line, light, value, texture, space, time, motion, unity/variety, balance, emphasis/focal point, rhythm, scale, proportion, etc.
Based on the identification of the formal elements, what was the artist trying to convey?

Part 2: Contextual Analysis (use at least half of the sources that you analyzed in your Annotated Bibliography to support this section
What are the social, political, cultural, religious, economic, historical or biographical reasons for your primary objects appearance, existence, exhibition, etc.
Based on your research of the artwork/artist, what is the significance of its context?

IV.  Conclusion
Are there any assumptions/warrants within your argument?
What is the broader art historical significance of your primary object.

Reference no: EM132069492


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