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Social Policy Analysis Paper

For this assignment, you will select one major social welfare policy or program and analyze it using a policy analysis framework that is provided below. Any policy that was included in writing on the lecture slides or within the textbook are pre-approved. Any policy not included in either of these places must be pre-approved by the professor. The framework and format you will use is located at the back of the syllabus.

This APA referenced paper should be a minimum of six pages and a maximum of eight pages. The paper must include a short introduction and conclusion (no abstract needed). The title page and reference list are not included in the page limits. Be sure to include at least two levels of headings. Papers should have 1″ margins and be double-spaced.

The paper must have a minimum of six references (not including course readings). The six references must include: a minimum of three from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, and the remaining sources can only be from government websites (.gov). No .org websites are allowed for this assignment. Be sure to cite your sources within the text of your paper.

Outline for the Paper
This is similar to the framework in the course text (Segal), but less wordy. Use this format for your paper and make sure to address each line item listed here in your paper.

I. Policy Formulation
    A. What is the social problem?
    How is the problem defined, and who are the claimants of that problem?
    What ideology supports the claim of the problem?
    What is the social problem that existed that lead to the creation of the problem?
    What are the consequences of the problem?
    Who benefits from the continuation of the problem?
    Who suffers from the continuation of the problem?

    B. Historically, by what process was the policy developed?
    What social events occurred to stimulate the development of a policy?
    What political events occurred to stimulate the development of a policy?
    Who advocated for the policy?
    Who opposed the policy?
    What are the ideological positions of these groups?

II. Policy Content
A.  Goals and Objectives: (there is a difference between a goal and objective- I will be      looking to see if the paper clearly discusses them individually)   
    What are the explicit goals?
    What are the implicit goals?
    What are the objectives of the policy and do they fit with the goals?
    What amendments/updates have been made to the policy since its original date of passing (summarize in a paragraph or less)?
    B.  Beneficiaries:   
    Who is eligible to receive services under the policy?
    What are the methods of determining eligibility?
    What values and theory drive the eligibility requirements?
    C.  Benefits:
A.    What benefits does the program provide?
    In-kind material goods or commodities
    Expert services
    Positive discrimination (affirmative action)
    Government guarantees
    Protective regulation
    Assignment of power over decisions
    D.  Administration:
    What government agency is in charge of implementing the policy?
    How is the policy implemented?
    What are the relationships among and between service providers in implementing the policy?
    Who are the service providers?
    What is the relationship among and between the service providers and the community whom they serve?
    E.  Funding:
    What are the sources of funding for services?
    How is funding spent? If there is a dollar amount, determine how much of the governments money is spend on the program and what the proportion of the budget this program accounts for in a year.
    F.  Interactions:
    In what ways does this policy interact with other policies (mention at least one other policy)?
    What are the interactions among various levels of government with regard to this policy?
    G.  Policy critique/Recommendations:
    What about the policy has been effective?
    What has not been effective?
    What recommendations would you make for improving the implementation and overall impact of the policy? Be specific!

Adapted from the following sources: Chambers, 2000; Gilbert & Terrell, 1998; McInnis-Dietrich, 1994; Segal & Brzuzy 1998; Yoshihama 2003

Reference no: EM132069492


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