Radisson Hotel Business and Services

Please make sure you include an abstract/summary.
Make it into sections.

I AM DOING STRATEGIES USED BY THE COMPANY’s management team to maintain a competitive advantage
and ASSESSMENT of the EFFECTIVENESS of each strategy in terms of overall business success. b and c below. you dont need to do A) description of the company etc as osmeone else in my group is doijg that howeve rmake sure the abstract includes about.

My group and I are doing Radisson Hotels Group chain. The Radisson Hotel.
something might help for the report:

Assessment 2:
Group Report Portfolio:
In groups (3 students per group), students are to create a report that focuses on a particular service sector. The choice of service sector should be selected from the travel, tourism or hospitality industries, ie, restaurant, hotel, resort, airline, tourism agency, or heritage sectors.
Each group should then select a particular company operating within their chosen service sector and provide a portfolio of strategic examples, in report format, used by the companys management team to maintain a competitive advantage. Formative assessment will take the form of a preliminary presentation, to peers, where an outline of strategic examples is presented and explained in relation to the chosen company. The choice of company to be studied is to be agreed with the unit tutor during session 9.
Reference to concepts and topics covered in previous class sessions should be expected and the report should be no longer than 2000 words.
Marking Criteria:
a) /20 Description of the company, its management structure, its target market(s) and main competitors.
b) /40 Strategies used by the companys management team to maintain a competitive advantage.
c) /20 Assessment of the effectiveness of each strategy in terms of overall business success.
d) /10 Use of a report format and overall intelligibility of the assignment.
e) /10 Overall presentation of the assignment and how references are included within the text.
In terms of marking criteria a), b), c) and e) above, high marks will not be attained unless comment and arguments are substantiated through the use of referencing in relation to sources of information.

My school uses the Harvard formatting, but we follow the MMU Harvard format.

The untitle document is my class sessions something you can look at when writing, relating to high marks referring to class sessions. CRM Strategy,

make it very engaging  I attatched one of my writing style to refer too and sections.
This is 50% of my grade so please.

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