Read Instructions

Page One requirements:

Write a 300 word reaction to the central thesis of Neil Postman The Disappearance of Childhood as it supports or undermines the film “Consuming Kids”. Use the concepts you learned from the Sociology of Knowledge sheet(See What to Read)  to add depth to your analysis.

Page Two requirements: (lable the numbers of the two questions you decide to do)

Post the answers to  2(two) questions  of your choice in the Discussion Board. Each question is worth 10 points.

As you think about your choice of question remember to keep these basics in mind:

Who is Postman and why is he writing about Childhood. How does Postman define Childhood? How do you define it? Keeping this general context in mind will help you discuss the specific questions of your choice.


1. According to Postman  how did technology create and, in turn, end childhood? What are the implications for “childhood” in the age of the Internet?
2. Using Sociology of Knowledge criteria(See “Sociology of Knowledge” sheet under WHAT TO READ) give three examples of “structure” and three examples of “process” in “childhood” as they appear in Postman’s book( Hint: Be sure and read Preface to Vintage Edition) and/or “Consuming Kids” film.
3. Discuss three ways that Allen undermines Postman’s thesis.
4. Discuss how Postman and Allen use primary and secondary sources.

Reference no: EM132069492


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