Reflective Paper on Socialization

For this assignment, you are being asked to reflect on your socialization process. Choose one of the following agents/institutions of socialization and write a reflective paper analyzing your experience of socialization through this institution:





Religion (Catholic)

Specifically, the following elements must be addressed in one cohesive paper, not an outline not as a list of numbered answers but one flowing paper.


A. What is socialization?  What are agents of socialization?

B. Explain which agent of socialization you chose and why you chose to analyze it.


A. Give a description of your chosen institution, and what it was like. For instance if you choose family, describe what your family is like? how many people? what are they like? If you choose school, what kind of school public? private? big or small? what type of neighborhood? If you choose peers, don’t just generalize and say my friends, name them, is there one friend in particular or a group? what are they like? paint a picture for me so I have a sense of what the agent of socialization you chose is like.

B. Describe your experience with it and how it shaped you. What did this institution socialize you to believe about yourself, others, the world etc. How and in what ways did this institution help to form your identity and your sense of self? Please be specific and provide examples.

C. What were the benefits and what were the problems or drawbacks in the way you were socialized by said institution? Be sure to clearly label what you consider a benefit and what you consider a drawback.

3. Conclusion

This paper should follow these formatting guidelines:

Minimum 2 page paper (ideally not more than 4-5 maximum)

References are not required for this paper, but if you do cite material, include a citations page in APA or MLA Format, this does no count as one of your 2 pages.

use 12 point

Times New Roman font

one inch margins on all sides


no title page.

Reference no: EM132069492


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