Going beyond that previously identified by the CFO and Controller as reimbursement related issues impacting the hospitals patient service revenue.

Examine other issues related to reimbursement methodologies that could have accounted for the 15% decline in quarterly revenue.  There are no relevant reports to access to aid in isolating additional factors that could have contributed to the revenue decline; however, it is typical practice for leadership to begin investigating a phenomenon by clearly defining the problem, and then begin running through possible scenarios that might account for the phenomenon being examined.

1. Clearly define the problem, and then begin to consider what other reimbursement related issues could have accounted for the notable decline in the hospitals quarterly patient service revenue.

2. Suggest an action plan to validate or rule out the possible reimbursement related cause for the revenue decline.

3. Provide a rationale to support their speculations and suggested action plan. 

Reference no: EM132069492


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